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World Equity Expo allows you to access a wide range of exciting an unique investment opportunities by trading in a fast and optimizied market.


This is where your journey towards a diversified investment portfolio begins. It’s completely free to join, and once registered, you can fund your account via Dragon Global's wallet.

Trade Efficiently

Trade any time of day, with fast real-time settlements. You may fund your account using cryptocurrency or traditional fiat currency, as well as withdraw your profits using any of these methods.

Share and Earn

The success of your investment is reliant on a community effort. Entrepreneurs need your support. Become an active shareholder with voting rights now, and if the business performs well, you will be rewarded with points for shareing their news releases and other marketing activities.

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Investors need to be aware of the risks involved in ventures that are not mature yet. There is always a possibility to lose your investment completely due to lack of liquidity. Most startups need funding in several series going forward, which means dilution. World Equity Expo targets only investors who understands these risks and make their own decisions on investments

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